Photovoltaic Modules

Dynamic Energy is one of New Zealand’s specialist in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems and an SEANZ Supportive Partner.. We offer the highest engineered Solar Photovoltaic (PV) arrays from one of the leading solar power module manufacturers in the world.


Our panel/module manufacturer continuously invests in research and development in cell efficiency, continuing to improve cell efficiency for greater output per panel/module.
The PV modules are put through extreme testing conditions which simulate real world environments to ensure high performance. All modules are fire resistant and PID free.


Our manufacturer pursues high quality throughout its entire production process, Automated controls including our Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) not only group cells by output current but also track all performance data.

Modules output wattage performance is measured and labeled using a “flasher” calibrated every 2 hours, modules then undergo extensive final testing to detect micro cracks, dead cells or dead strings which could impact long term reliability using a double electroluminescence inspection (EL)

UV Preconditioning Outdoor exposure Light soaking Hot Spot Thermal Cycling Humidity freeze Damp heat Mechanical load Corrosive Atmosphere Insulation Wet Leakage Highly accelerated stress

We also test the components of our PV modules respectively to ensure the best performance. We are not only focused on the electrical output for 25 years but also for the maximum durability for the entire life of the PV modules.

• Bypass Diode Thermal Testing • Materials and components testing
• Micro-crack testing • NOCT measurement
• Electrical Component Testing • Flash Testing


Our manufacturer maintains close relationships with world class international laboratories including TUV,UL, IEC, CE, CGC, JET and Intertek, gaining the applicable certifications from countries such as Europe, Germany, USA, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.


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Rovigo Project Italy

System size 15 Mega watt

Polycrystalline PV Modules

pv-6610p 250 watt panels with cell efficiency of 15.37%  Panels measure 992mm wide x 1640mm high x 40mm thick.  Please view PDF for complete specifications.          <<PDF DOWNLOAD >>