Dynamic Energy is one of New Zealand’s specialist in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems and an SEANZ Supportive Partner.  We offer the highest engineered Solar Photovoltaic (PV) arrays that generate electricity from sunlight, providing a source of free, renewable and environmentally-friendly energy for homes and businesses.  Depending on your situation, Dynamic Energy has a inverter solution to fit your needs, whether it be On-Grid, Off-Grid, or a Split System……there is alot of things to think about.

On-Grid Micro Inverters

Micro-inverters are the latest design in the industry and we think there is no better way to connect solar to an On-Grid system.  We are the Australasian agents for both the UNIVPO & HOYMILES micro-inverters which we think are  the best choice. Micro-inverters take DC power produced by the solar modules or our wind turbines and translates it to AC power immediately, which is what you need in your home to power things.  Micro-inverters are easier and fast to install, they’re a bit more expensive – but we think it’s worth it.  There are a lot of fancy logos, terms and connection details about why these are really good, but many people don’t really care too much about this.  They just want to know were good people and we know what we’re talking about, which we do and that we will help, which we will, but if you still want the full on technical details – that’s fine too – just ask.

MicroInverter      MI500           DTU

Off-Grid Inverters

Off-Grid inverters have developed over the years as technology improved, todays Off-Grid inverters are more reliable and energy efficient than ever before.  In short, PV Modules and/or our wind turbines are connected either in series or parallel which then connects into the Off-Grid Inverter.  The inverter then manages all inputs, outputs and battery charging through its internal management system.  All power required within your home is drawn from batteries – requiring the science of draw to be carefully calculated.  No excess power can be exported.  If the batteries are drained to their minimum limits, all output power turns off, however, you can connect a auto-start generator that will charge your batteries just in case.  Our in-house technicians can help with all your enquires – all you need to do is – just ask.

PIP-MS                                                  Display

Split Systems

Dynamic Energy can give you the best of both worlds, some home circuits running from the power grid and some running from renewable energy.  This type of Split-System has been most popular with our rural customers that get frequent power cuts, some lasting more than a few days. With a Split-System they can say which circuits they need to have reliable power supply – water pumps, waste management pumps, fridge and freezers, etc. The battery bank for this type of system is a critical part of the design process, as it is the life source of your back-up power supply.  We at Dynamic Energy have in-house technical capabilities to help you with this – just ask.



PV Plant

Location: Shenzhen City, China
Module Used: PV250W-P60
System Size: 300 MWp