Hybrid Street Lighting

Dynamic Energy is proud to be associated with LZ New Zealand, a leading manufacturer and supplier of Hybrid Street Lighting Solutions.  Utilising both Wind and Solar for power generation, we can guarantee a continuous three (3) night illumination even if no wind or solar activity within the previous days due to our sophisticated energy management system and battery storage system.  Our vertical access wind turbines ensure maximum power generation from minimum local wind speeds.  With turbine start-up wind speed of only 1.5m/sec, power availability is quickly established through the ‘Hub Permanent-Magnet Generator’. If local winds rotate the wind turbine greater than 130rpm, the inbuilt braking system via its aerodynamics, ensure no over speed of the turbine. 

The brain behind our hybrid street lighting solution is the intelligent Wind/Solar Hybrid MPPT Power Management Controller, a wind energy & solar senior energy manager.  Internally it integrates a high efficient LED driver, wind MPPT tracking system and solar MPPT tracking system.  The new design concept and the open user-level application configuration extend the controller’s application, giving precise control of energy input and output.

Main features of our controller are:-
• Provide wind generators Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) channel
• Provide solar input Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) channel
• Provide LED driver with 120W output, maximum efficiency up to 95%
• High brightness 3-digital display, setting parameters
• Fan/solar input channel reverse connect, protect from over current, overloading and lightning
• Output channel protection (open circuit, short circuit, overloading, opposite connect, lightning)
• Battery input opposite connect
• Battery over charge/discharge protection, safe charge management can repair battery during charging period, extends the battery lifetime greatly
• Fan auto/manual unloading function, the unique unloading control technology ensures fan’s smooth braking, to avoid large inertia change, and improve the mechanical life of fan
• Provide electricity switching function as needed. When the battery runs down, switch to electricity automatically; keep the output stable and effective
• Reserved RS232 communication interface can provide communication management function Make the expanding of wire/wireless telecommunications possible

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