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Welcome to Dynamic Energy

Dynamic Energy is one of New Zealand’s specialist in Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems and an SEANZ Supportive Partner.. We offer the highest engineered Solar Photovoltaic (PV) arrays that generate electricity from sunlight, providing a source of free, renewable and environmentally-friendly energy for homes and businesses.

We work with one of the leading solar power module manufacturers in the world and import only the best and most popular solar power inverters, together with the best products manufactured internationally, to provide our clients with top quality options for their solar energy requirements. With ongoing experience in grid tied and off grid solar photovoltaic solutions, there is a growing interest in the New Zealand market to supply solutions to extensive options throughout the country. From wholesale supply of modules, componentry for home solar power, hybrid systems, wind turbines and monitoring to total grid disconnected solutions – if you have an interest we can probably find you an answer. Calculating an appropriate solution is straight forward with our assistance. We can manage this for you or step you through the calculations required for a full technical assessment. 

Home Solar

Looking for a Home Solar solution? Check out our range of Home Solar products and solar technology today.

Commercial Solar

Looking for Commercial Solar solutions? We offer range of top quality Commercial solar products for all your needs.

We Offer Finance

We design solar power systems specifically for harsh environments and have taken special care to create a robust system